Be a Hero

Be a Hero

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In each one of us is the ability to be someone's hero...

Children and youth need a hero in times of despair and uncertainty -- the times when the stresses of home or school are unbearable, when their confidence eludes them and when their sense of security is at risk. These vulnerable children and youth turn to you -- the hero --to help them discover their own special powers to obtain the knowledge and skills to protect themselves against life’s villains and reveal their true potential.

The Be a Hero program with Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary provides your team with the opportunity to unveil your internal superhero through creating comfortable spaces, encouraging laughter and hope and acknowledging the intrinsic value of each unique child and youth. By engaging in a variety of activities such as decorating, cleaning, sports activities and celebrations, you can create a space and/or experience that a child or youth will never forget!

Call to adventure 

Follow your heart™ and Be a Hero. You and your team of superheroes have the power to do great things. Your heroic team is the kryptonite to the obstacles our children and youth face every day. Through the selection of one of our adventures, your team will create a utopia of inspiration and motivation for our children, youth and staff to unleash and encourage their inner hero! 

Your adventure awaits...

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If you would like to be a hero to our children and youth, select your adventure here! For more information, please contact: 

Mallory Panich, Fund Development Coordinator 


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