Our alumni are former members, parents, board members, volunteers and staff, from when we first started providing opportunities to boys in 1939 until today. Since the alumni program started in 1992 we have had the privilege of reconnecting with thousands of folks who have either been associated with Boys Town and Girls Town in the 1940s, Calgary Boys' Club in the 1950s and 60s, Boys Clubs of Calgary during the late 60s and early 70s, and since 1975, Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary.

Alumni continue to support the work we do on behalf of kids and families today, and they do it in a big way. They realize that as good as "the good old days" were, circumstances are not the same for kids in Calgary today as they were in the past. The city is bigger, the issues and challenges kids face are more complex than ever before. Because of this understanding, and because they believe in the power of having a place to go, and giving kids and youth a voice, they help to make sure the opportunities that have been available to kids and families for over 70 years are still accessible today.

They do this by:
• Volunteering, either directly with kids, or with agency administration
• Advocating and networking, both nationally and locally by sharing their experiences and stories
• Fundraising, by working on events or donating directly or in-kind
• Attending events that showcase and support programs and services
• Remembering Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary in their wills, in memorial, and on special occasions
• Providing long term gifts of securities and investments
• Helping to build our archives, contributing photos, stories and memorabilia. We use these valuable resources to support proposals and presentations, in publicity, speeches and awards.

Some of our alumni we see every week; others only once a year. However you choose to stay connected with us, and our kids and youth, we value your relationship and involvement with Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary. If you haven't re-connected yet, now is a great time to start!


1940s Boys' Town camping trip

C Awaterfront1960

1960s Camp Adventure waterfront - photo courtesy of Jack Way collection

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